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Thinking of travel? Maybe it’s time to consider another Ibex journey. I’ve established fixed dates for a few Ibex treks that will be operating in the coming months, formulated several new adventures and am planning others.

Ibex journeys are intended to be “explorations,” trips that will take you to the uncommon and beautiful places of the world that are not on the crowded popular tourist routes. I have a selection of journeys for many tastes and abilities. I have personally guided in each region and I have been doing this for well over 40-years. I personally know the territory and the culture. That’s a claim no other company can make. I have the best of the few remaining routes that can be done in the original style. My colleagues are the finest in their field. I’ll be leading some Ibex journeys in the coming months, but my trusted colleagues will be leading the others. You can find the common routes or usual destinations elsewhere on the Internet.


For the coming months I have a limited number of fixed departure date trips including Morocco, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, India and Ethiopia. These are trips I plan to lead personally. If you are interested, please email me and I can send you the full program for the year or individual itineraries.


Ibex has had the opportunity to visit many unique and beautiful places and to interact with the locals. Many of those extraordinary places are being transformed. There are several destinations that retain the magic of unspoiled trekking. Ibex can arrange for private groups on request. Following is a short list of some of my favorites that remain. I recommend these because the infrastructure to provide excellent service is in place.

Most of you are aware that there is really no such thing as a singular “Inca Trail.” The “Inca Trail” was a system of trails built by the Inca rulers that criss-crossed the Andes. The most famous of these trails goes to Machu Picchu in southern Peru but there are many others throughout Peru and Bolivia.

For those of you who favor a more comfortable approach to trekking I can offer through my Peruvian colleagues an easy alternative to the standard Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Hiking days are short. Overnights are in comfortable lodges with good beds, good food and wine. The lodges are very heavily booked so plan ahead.

The planned roads into Mustang Nepal have not been able to reach the heartland all year round, but roads certainly are soon to enter the untouched interior. Ibex can arrange departures of this classic trek in conjunction with my colleague in Nepal.

Kuari Pass in India, sometimes known as Curzon’s Trail, on the western flanks of Nanda Devi will be available on request in October or November. I have personally done this several times and consider it one of the world’s great treks. This journey features exceptional mountain scenery into an area that was once part of old Nepal.

Ladakh and Zanskar in northwest India have become popular summer trek destinations but most of the routes are becoming crowded. Nevertheless, there are a few good alternatives that are not crowded. One is the Rongdo Valley in the Karakorum Range; another good trek is Ibex Zhung Zanskar. Both operate from the Buddhist town of Leh in Ladakh and both have surprisingly little trekker traffic considering their proximity to Leh. Zhung has all the color and culture of the more remote regions and Rongdo is more alpine.

Still further south are to be found a multitude of towns and short hikes in the state of Rajasthan. Mogul architecture, markets overflowing with goods, unique dress and camels in the Thar Desert are a few of the features of this landscape.

In Northeast India, Ibex operates trips to Darjeeling and Gangtok and one of the finest Himalaya treks of all, the Sikkim Ridge with stunning views of the world’s third highest summit, Kanchenjunga. These trips will be led by our local guides.

Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert and the National Naadam Festival has been offered annually because of demand since its inception with Ibex in the 1990s. The vast expanse of rolling hills and the rare nomad against a backdrop of lakes makes this trip another gem. My colleague in Mongolia has led trips in his country for three decades and will lead this trip at a time of your choosing

Ibex is still very active. Don’t miss your opportunity!

I can suggest a trip that might be best for your situation. There are many more available through Ibex. Please email me at trekibex@comcast.net. As the original routes are being transformed and many are loosing their unique character, the list of authentic treks grows shorter each year. Ibex suggests those treks that retain their authenticity and originality.

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