The Arc of A Life

ISBN # 978-1-4490-7324-4, Library of Congress # 2010901352


The Arc Of A Life

Bruce Klepinger, Sawmill Ballroom Publishing and Author House are proud to announce the publication of The Arc of a Life: A Collection of Photographs and Interview of Bruce Klepinger.

The Arc of a Life is an intimate look at the reflections and images from the life of explorer Bruce Klepinger. It weaves together Klepinger’s stunning Himalayan photos that comprised a 2008 exhibit from which the book’s title draws its name, with a revealing interview conducted by novelist Joseph Blum.

The images and interview convey a sense of Klepinger who abandoned a convenient life in academia for decades of exploration long before what is now called “adventure travel” existed.” Few have lived the “road less traveled” of Klepinger, and Arc of a Life delivers the images, thoughts and profound markers along that road.

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