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Bruce Klepinger has been a professional mountain guide for over 35 years, with more than 200 treks, 40 expeditions, and 1,000 ascents to his credit. Bruce Klepinger's love of the Himalayas, its people and its landscapes is contagious, and he is never happier than when on the trail in these magical mountains.

Words from Bruce...

Dear Friends,

I have two types of departures. Trips listed under the section labeled "Forthcoming Expeditions" on the Home Page and on the "Trips" page are trips for groups and are open to those who are capable of that grade of trip. Some are short and easy, some have overnights at comfortable lodges, and, at the other extreme, I continue to offer true exploratory trips to regions which have not yet been transformed by contact with our values but which are quickly coming into the tourist age. It’s a wide spectrum of trips. Comfort is a basic part of the journey for some. Mystery and unknowns are essential aspects in others. Certain trips can be demanding. Please read the respective itineray carefully or contact me for further information.

There are also trips for individuals or private parties at a time of your convenience. These trips are time-tried treks that Ibex has operated previously, some many times. Ibex offers a wide variety of departures that are truly unique along routes not offered elsewhere with variations that bring out the regional character far better than typical routes. I know all these places personally. If you want to experience a bit of the untouched world, act now. Sign up today. I can arrange such a trip for you, your friends or your family. What better gift would there be for you and your children or your grandkids? How about a business partner? Some trips have comfort. Some are moderate. Some are really tough!

Finally, there’s a new addition to the Ibex Web site. It is a section with photographs. Perhaps you’d like to travel to the Himalayas but cannot. You can experience the high mountains of the world through images. This section of my website is a work in progress. Inquire for further details. Many of these pictures are for sale.

The spirit and soul of Ibex remains strong. The world continues calling me to adventure. I think you understand that calling. There are so many wonderful, exhilarating trips yet to be taken. My goal remains discovery. Come join Ibex! As I have for nearly forty years, I’m still finding new places, new routes, and new ways for us to travel together, and I’m looking forward to seeing you this year on one of Ibex trips.

Bruce Klepinger

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